Bad Signs to Look for before Buying a Home.

There are literally thousands of homes for sale listings online which anyone can fall in love at first sight. But beware, a home that looks charming from the outside might have some serious problems inside. Beauty is only skin deep so, here are the warning signs that you have to look out when having a detailed home inspection of a house you wanted to buy.

1. Faulty Electric Wiring – Amateur or do-it-yourself kind of wiring is the most common cause of wiring problems that can result to fires in the future. Dimming lights, hot outlets, blown fuses, no ground fault circuit interrupters in wet locations, tripped or overloaded circuit breakers, ungrounded receptacles, or a home wired before the 1950s are just a few of the signs that you should consider buying another home.

2. Porous grout and cracks – Check that there is no water damage in a home you are interested in buying. Make sure that not even as small as one sixteenth of an inch crack can be seen so as to avoid thousands of dollars in damages later if not discovered.

3. Defective Plumbing System – Check the bathrooms and the kitchen. The plumbing system should be adequately vented, where toilets flush and drains don’t chug.

4. Flawed Heating and Cooling Systems – A flawed heating and cooling system will not pass to the inspection of a gas company. If confirmed that the gas-fired furnaces in the home you are interested in buying emit deadly carbon monoxide and is unsafe, the gas company will lock it out or require a replacement.

5. Damaged Roof – If the roof is in bad condition then the rest of the house might be lurking some serious problems as well. In new construction litigation, 80 percent involves roofing problems. If the roof is damage, check the attic as well to find out if there are roof leaks, pest infestation, faulty electrical wiring, inadequate insulation, and so on.

6. Foundation problems – The foundation is most expensive part to repair and the most important part of the house. So, make sure that the foundation is not damp or the exterior walls are not too close to the flower beds.

Home buyers should always be cautious when purchasing real estate, especially when buying Virginia Short Sales or Foreclosures. Wise buyers not only thoroughly view the properties for sale, but they also hire professional home inspectors. Click here for more details.

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